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About Us


We help express the focus of your vision and creation to your customers, clients, and community.  We work with clients so they touch hearts and create conversation. 

Reel JAM Productions, located in Hendersonville, NC, offers a wide variety of video production services for all of Western North Carolina and beyond!

The Team

Amy Slusher

Amy Selby Slusher is the lead writer, producer, videographer, and editor for ReelJAM Productions. Growing up, she was inspired by the voices on public radio and television. She was a reporter for commercial television and graduated from West Virginia University.

Jay Slusher

Jay Slusher is the co-founder and executive producer of ReelJAM Productions, the flow master general specializing in everything from cash flow to going with the flow. His lifelong goal has been searching for a fresh perspective. He is an FAA licensed drone operator. 


Contributors and Teammates

Hendersonville Headshots for professional photography and branding.

Vintage Photo Scan digitizes photographs and home movies.


Lscreative Studio specializes in graphic design, digital marketing and branding.


Bourglay Films is a creative partner who assists with choreography, directing and storyboarding.

"Bourglay Films" on Facebook

Graham Curry specializes in animated graphics.


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